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Why Airbnb Has a Data Scientist on Every Leadership Team

In this column, Coursera President and Co-founder Daphne Koller asks Riley Newman, Airbnb’s head of data science, to share his thoughts on the interdisciplinary values of understanding and utilizing data. Newman helped assemble coursework for Coursera’s data science specialization with … Continue reading

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Why Companies Like Uber, Airbnb, and Slack Require Unique Branding

This is a guest post by Applico head of marketing Erik Zambrano. Let’s start off with some definitions. A platform is a business model that enables the exchange of a value (that is not directly owned or created by the … Continue reading

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Why a Vote Against Airbnb in San Francisco Today Matters for Businesses Everywhere

Today, AirBnB is defending itself. The home-sharing company is battling to make sure that San Franciscans vote no to a new proposal that would significantly curtail the company’s business in the city. Proposition F, if passed, would set a maximum … Continue reading

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5 Reasons You Should You Rate Your Customers Like Uber and Airbnb Do

Building and keeping customer loyalty is important for businesses. But some hot startups — Uber, Airbnb, and OpenTable — have stirred up controversy by rating customers, as the Harvard Business Review noted. To put it differently, any time you get … Continue reading

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Why This Resume Caught Airbnb’s Attention–and Went Viral

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. Several people sent it to me. They were excited. Here was the golden key that unlocks getting a job interview with … Continue reading

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7 Things to Remember When You Lose Confidence, Courtesy of Airbnb

In its latest financing round, AirBnB was valued at $25.2 billion. Seven years ago, you could have bought 10 percent of it for $150,000 — the price of a studio apartment in many cities. At least you could have if … Continue reading

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How the Airbnb Co-Founders Used the DNC to Hustle Their Startup to Huge Success

The 2008 Democratic National Convention was coming to Denver, but there were only 28,000 hotel rooms available. The Democrat Party made the last-minute decision to move presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s speech from the Pepsi Center (capacity 18,007) to the larger … Continue reading

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Airbnb Users – Here’s What 2015 Has In Mind For You

In 2014 we saw a huge splurge in people cancelling their hotel reservations, and checking in to someone’s personal, yet charming Airbnb rental. Since Airbnb was launched in 2007, over 11 million guests have enjoyed stays around the world in … Continue reading

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How Airbnb, Google and Yelp are Making Your Life Both Wonderful and Miserable

This week has been a real lesson for me in crowd reviews. I am currently on a two-week jaunt with my wife through Spain and Portugal. While gone, I am renting out to Airbnb guests. The combined experience has created … Continue reading

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What Airbnb Can Teach You About Content Strategy

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” It’s been 25 years since the collapse of the iconic barrier between East and West Berlin, and 27 since then-President Reagan issued his famous proclamation against the division between the Communist and non-Communist world. … Continue reading

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